Sunday, September 15, 2013

Announcing -- MY LAZY DAISY!!

I have been looking for a side hobby business that I could do.  My first love was always home economics and sewing and crafts of all kinds.  I resisted quilting for a long time because I KNEW I would fall in love with it.  And I have!

I was checking my Yahoo group for Machine Quilting and one of the members had a couple sentences about "My Lazy Daisy."  It was a quilting business that she was doing -- sort of like Tupperware for quilting and sewing. She also was a long armer and this was a compliment to her long arm business. 

I checked it out and it was only $99 to get the welcome kit.  There were no required sales quotas and the kits and fabrics were extremely cute!

I signed up for it and bought several kits.  Everything comes packages in sheer bags with daisies on them.  Everything that you need for the kit is included. I have several kits with gorgeous Minky in them.  The pattern, top and backing is included as well as the spray glue and the batting. They are quilt as you go patterns and are very easy to do.

I have a website sponsored by My Lazy Daisy.  It's $7 a month. Changes are made weekly and you can purchase directly from my website.  Read my website for why this is so perfect for me.  I LOVE daisies!! 

Check it out and let me know if you want to know more!       Check out my website and make a purchase!     


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  1. Yay, Janet! Welcome to my fantastic team!!! Here's to a successful Holiday Season!!!


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