Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Quilt Carolina -- 5 more shops in the Raleigh Area -- Check it out!

Destination #6  -- Raleigh  for Bernina World of Sewing.

They have a Facebook page.   And a blog.

Destination #7  -- Cary for Cary Quilting Company.    Looks like they are a very new shop.  See this post.    They have a Facebook page also.

Destination #8  --  Raleigh for The Quilter's Nest.  

They have a Facebook page.   Also check out their gallery pictures. 

Destination #9 -- Fuquay-Varina for Lone Star Mercantile.

This is a little different than your normal fabric shop.  They have a blog and carry wool supplies. 

Destination #10 -- Chapel Hill for Thimble Pleasures

Anybody know what a kimekomi ball is??    I want to find one of those when I go to the store. 

They have a Facebook page.  There are free patterns and their favorite links

And if I don't get around to all of these stores, I will spend the night in Raleigh and finish up on Saturday! 

You can buy your passport at any of the stores on the list.  Be sure to check out the Quilt Carolina website and their Facebook page.  The Facebook page has pictures from all of the stores. 

Check it out!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Carolina Shop Hop -- Check it out!

I am working on my map layout for the Quilt Carolina Shop Hop.  I am starting on Friday morning and plan to stay in Raleigh Friday night if I don't get to all of the shops.

Here is my driving plan and interesting things that I have found at their websites:

Destination #1     Fayetteville for Loving Stitches.

 There are free patterns on their website.  And check out the Pattern Playground.

Destination #2  Wake Forest for Quilt Like Crazy

They have a Facebook page.

Destination #3  Raleigh for Carolina Sew-N-Vac.

They are a Lindhaus authorized dealer.   I had to look up what it was -- I have never heard of the brand. I'll let you look it up instead of telling you!

Destination #4  Raleigh for Wish Upon A Quilt

They have a blog and a Facebook page.  I have been acquainted with them since they participate in this Fab Shop Hop online monthly. Check out their resources pages.  Lots of links for sewing and crafting sites.

Destination #5  Raleigh for My Sewing Shoppe.  They have a Shelby look-a-like!  Go to the middle of the page. 

They are having a Hoop Sisters Embroidery Class.    I have looked at the Hoop Sisters website and they have some great embroidery.

I'll finish the other 5 Triangle stores tomorrow.  Check it out!

Announcing -- MY LAZY DAISY!!

I have been looking for a side hobby business that I could do.  My first love was always home economics and sewing and crafts of all kinds.  I resisted quilting for a long time because I KNEW I would fall in love with it.  And I have!

I was checking my Yahoo group for Machine Quilting and one of the members had a couple sentences about "My Lazy Daisy."  It was a quilting business that she was doing -- sort of like Tupperware for quilting and sewing. She also was a long armer and this was a compliment to her long arm business. 

I checked it out and it was only $99 to get the welcome kit.  There were no required sales quotas and the kits and fabrics were extremely cute!

I signed up for it and bought several kits.  Everything comes packages in sheer bags with daisies on them.  Everything that you need for the kit is included. I have several kits with gorgeous Minky in them.  The pattern, top and backing is included as well as the spray glue and the batting. They are quilt as you go patterns and are very easy to do.

I have a website sponsored by My Lazy Daisy.  It's $7 a month. Changes are made weekly and you can purchase directly from my website.  Read my website for why this is so perfect for me.  I LOVE daisies!! 

Check it out and let me know if you want to know more! 

www.mylazydaisy.net/189       Check out my website and make a purchase!