Saturday, August 10, 2013

How I spend my riding time in the truck!

After my husband had to have 3 knee replacements on the same knee, I felt sorry for him and did not protest when he wanted to buy a house near Belhaven.  He has hunted in the Ponzer/Scranton area for over 30 years and has made many friends and hunting buddies.  I love the area because it's near the water and very quiet and slow-paced.  

We try to go as much as possible but it is a 5 hour drive with stops.  It's about 4 hours if you drive straight through.  I have to have entertainment and have read magazines or my kindle, worked on the computer, made jewelry to name a few things.  I have recently discovered a NEW thing that I can do -- cut out quilt parts!  I took a bunch of scraps and cut 5" charm squares, 2 1/2" strips and 5"x10" bricks.  Got rid of a stash and now I have "quilt parts."

I have a padded lapdesk with a 12" scrapbooking storage tote that I put in my lap.  I put my rotating mat on top of that and can cut out LOTS of stuff in the 10 hour round trip!  Now I am NOT bored and I feel like I am accomplishing something.   Now if I could only figure out how to sew on  that Bernina while I am riding..........


All positive comments and constructive suggestions are welcome and appreciated! Happy Kwilting!