Sunday, June 2, 2013

My life spun out of control for a few weeks.....

You know how when you go on vacation, you pack up a LOT of stuff to do??  and some how you NEVER get around to even 1/4 of it??

I was planning on catching up all of my Site of the Day posts and get them set up for the rest of May.  Well, that never happened.

I was planning to get several things finished and lots of other things started and that never happened either.  I look back at my time and wonder "What in the WORLD happened with all that time?"

I had 9 table runners to embroider for a wedding in June.  I managed to finish them.  I had 4 done and had to finish 5 - embroideries on each end -- so a total of 10 to be finished on vacation.  That was quite a challenge since they were 8 or so color changes and took anywhere from 60 min to 120 min to embroider!

Hopefully, I can get back on track and start posting with some regularity.  I'm planning to attend Heart of the Triad Quilt Guild tomorrow night and I have 4 sleeping mats to give them.  I DID get those finished on vacation along with some other stuff that I'll show you.

Now I'm off to choose a Site of the Day!  (or maybe week  or month!)  

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