Sunday, June 23, 2013 -- Check it out

I attended the Sewing Expo in Raleigh yesterday and was fascinated with Clare Rowley.  She has designed many useful sewing products to help the physically challenged person.  She is delightful to listen to and has many stories about helping people with a physical challenge learn to sew.  The creative feet will help anyone to do things easier, faster and more efficiently.

I watched her with the Octi-hoops which she designed.  She had run out of them at the show so I came home and ordered them.   If you watch her YouTube videos, she has a very different take on polyester vs cotton thread for quilting and universal vs sharps for quilting.

With the Octi-hoops, you use no foot.  Just the needle. Watch the video for her explanations but it helps with the humped over shoulders and pains we get with sewing.  

She also uses elastic to roll up the quilts and then slides her hands in the elastics.  It helps to control where the quilt goes.

She talks about the left brain and right brain and how one takes over from the other. With the hoops, the creative side will take over and it will help to make your stitches even.  You can also quilt slowly using the hoops so you can have more control.

I am continued to be amazed with the information on quilting and sewing that I find on the Internet.  Take time to visit Clare Rowley's Facebook page, her website and her YouTube channel.  You too will be fascinated!

Check it out!

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