Monday, June 24, 2013

Google Replacements -- Check it out

I have been asked to research Google Reader replacements.  I have not been using Google Reader but it will be closed as of July 1.  It was a news feeder that allowed you to follow all of your blogs and new feeds in one place.

I have found several links that I will share with you.  I have not checked out any of these products and do not endorse any of them.  You can read and make up your mind based on the products that you use.  Iphone and Android can or may use different apps. The products may support different browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer 8, 9 or 10.  The operating system for your computer may also come into play. Some products work better with Windows 7 or 8.

This one on Google Reader replacements was just posted on June 20th.   Read the comments section to find out more information but these products are mentioned:  Feedly,, and Reeder.

Another post from June 17th has a little more information about the future of Google Reader.  It might be "refurbished" and included with Google+ so you might see it again.  Flipboard is mentioned as well as Feedly and Reeder.

I am currently using Bloglovin'  to follow some of my blogs.  The blog writer must sign up for the service and I must admit that I have yet to do that.  Maybe sometime this week......

Check it out!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

May Chappell -- Check it out  is having a Blogoversary giveaway.   You can sign up to follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to get points.  You can also blog about it to get extra points.

I have a special place in my heart for her sewing machine because I named her!!  MayC!

There are also patterns for sale, tutorials, that famous trip to Nebraska and lots of other educational information.

Check it out! -- Check it out

I attended the Sewing Expo in Raleigh yesterday and was fascinated with Clare Rowley.  She has designed many useful sewing products to help the physically challenged person.  She is delightful to listen to and has many stories about helping people with a physical challenge learn to sew.  The creative feet will help anyone to do things easier, faster and more efficiently.

I watched her with the Octi-hoops which she designed.  She had run out of them at the show so I came home and ordered them.   If you watch her YouTube videos, she has a very different take on polyester vs cotton thread for quilting and universal vs sharps for quilting.

With the Octi-hoops, you use no foot.  Just the needle. Watch the video for her explanations but it helps with the humped over shoulders and pains we get with sewing.  

She also uses elastic to roll up the quilts and then slides her hands in the elastics.  It helps to control where the quilt goes.

She talks about the left brain and right brain and how one takes over from the other. With the hoops, the creative side will take over and it will help to make your stitches even.  You can also quilt slowly using the hoops so you can have more control.

I am continued to be amazed with the information on quilting and sewing that I find on the Internet.  Take time to visit Clare Rowley's Facebook page, her website and her YouTube channel.  You too will be fascinated!

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Heirloom Creations -- Check It Out!

I have just discovered Heirloom Creations.  This is a quilt store in Souix Falls, South Dakota.  It is owned by a former Bernina Educator, Sara and has lots of creative ideas.

She has a You Tube channel  Check out the one about the Angle Finder Binding Tool.   It shows you how to bind angles other that a 90 degree angle and how you can make each binding a different color.  Too cool!

The Spicy Spiral Table Runner video was fascinating and entertaining.  I bought one of these wedge rulers and now I have seen a demonstration of how to use it.  Now I want to make table runners!

The whole reason that I came to the site was to watch the video on the Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star Ruler by Deb Tucker.  That was motivating too.  Now I want to make a quilt with all of the different size stars.  I know just the fabric from my stash!  Oh, where will I find the TIME???

Check it out!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Moda Bake Shop -- Check it out!

If you have not checked out Moda Bake Shop, you are missing some great patterns.  I receive an email daily showing me the latest free pattern that has been added to the site.

I have several that I really like:

120 minute gift -- the queen bee bag

star spangled sky quilt

30 minute gift-padded steering wheel

60 minute gift-herringbone hot pads

Under Bakery, you can find patterns specifically for jelly rolls or fat quarters or turnovers, etc.

Under Chefs, you can find patterns by designers.

Recipes are where you will find the patterns.

Tips   and Weights and Measures  have very useful information for learning new techniques.

Check it out!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Quilter's Calendar -- Check it out!

The Quilter’s Calendar is a brand new website that connects quiltersguilds and quilt teachers to each other using an easily searchable online calendar.
Quilters can easily see what events, classes, retreats and shows are happening in their state, month by month, or in places that they are traveling to.
Guild members can use the calendar (which is searchable by state or province) to see who is scheduled to teach in their state/province or in a nearby location. Guilds can then contact the teacher to book them to their guild, sharing expenses between guilds. That means less expense and more opportunities for classes for guilds and their members.
Teachers can submit their teaching engagements for free! By being listed on the calendar they can enjoy higher attendance in their classes and increase their opportunity to receive “piggy back” teaching engagements from guilds with every class that they list.
Visit today to see what’s happening near you!

Copied with permission from the Quilter's Calendar

Monday, June 3, 2013

Nancy's Notions -- Chosen Site of the Day

I love watching Sewing With Nancy on PBS.  I record it and watch every week.  I also love to go to Nancy's Notions.  She keeps up with the latest and greatest notions and patterns.

She sponsors a lot of charity sewing and has free patterns to use for those charities.  

There are free embroidery projects along with a video library with lots of tips and instructions.

She is very inspiring and has lots of creative ideas.  Her shows are very informative and educational.

Check it out!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Fab Shop Hop -- Chosen Site of the Day

Since it is the first of the month, it is a good time to talk about Fab Shop Hop.  It is a great way to find more quilt shops on the internet.  You sign up --- it's free.  You will have a list of links to go to where you will look for a bunny.  There are about 150 shops on the list.  When you find the bunny, you click on it and go back to the Fab Shop Hop site and register it.  The site will keep track of where you find bunnies.  To get the top prizes, you have to go to at least 120 sites.  I have won $10 gift certificates several times -- at least every other month that I have played.

You can keep track of your favorite shops.  Most of the shops will have specials just for the shop hoppers.

Some months you will receive blocks to quilts that you can download. The directions will be posted at the end of the hop.

There are free patterns and newsletters.  A couple of our locals participate -- StudioKat Designs in Advance  and the Batik store in Wytheville, VA.

I like the fact that I can get inspiration from all over the country.  The latest products and fabrics are presented and displayed.  Most of the sites have free patterns and other quilty-sewey information.  They have blogs you can follow or emails that you can get with their special advertisements.

Hop on over and check it out!

My life spun out of control for a few weeks.....

You know how when you go on vacation, you pack up a LOT of stuff to do??  and some how you NEVER get around to even 1/4 of it??

I was planning on catching up all of my Site of the Day posts and get them set up for the rest of May.  Well, that never happened.

I was planning to get several things finished and lots of other things started and that never happened either.  I look back at my time and wonder "What in the WORLD happened with all that time?"

I had 9 table runners to embroider for a wedding in June.  I managed to finish them.  I had 4 done and had to finish 5 - embroideries on each end -- so a total of 10 to be finished on vacation.  That was quite a challenge since they were 8 or so color changes and took anywhere from 60 min to 120 min to embroider!

Hopefully, I can get back on track and start posting with some regularity.  I'm planning to attend Heart of the Triad Quilt Guild tomorrow night and I have 4 sleeping mats to give them.  I DID get those finished on vacation along with some other stuff that I'll show you.

Now I'm off to choose a Site of the Day!  (or maybe week  or month!)