Monday, May 6, 2013

Quiltville - My Chosen Site of the Day

If you are not a Bonnie Hunter fan, you are missing a lot of fun and education. Why?

  • Bonnie travels the United States extensively and posts daily from her location.  She talks about special locations in the area and posts pictures. 
  • Free patterns  are plentiful.  They are well written with delightful designs.  
  • Don't miss Bonnie's scrap system. 
  • Each year, Bonnie does a Mystery Quilt.  It is lots of fun and I try, try, try to keep up.  My Orca Bay is still in pieces and so is my Easy Street.  Maybe one day when I retire.......
  • She sells books and I have them all.  She will autograph them for you if you wish. 
  • There are videos and quilt cam.  I love to watch her.  She has so much energy, so many good tips and a love for what she does that just spills out.  
  • She will be in Winston-Salem with Collaboration Celebration 2013.  Since she lives here, she won't have far to go!  I have registered and plan to attend.  

Bonnie is most generous of her time and talent.  If you are not following her, you are missing out on a quilting icon.  Be sure to sign up for her email and you will be given a heads up when she posts to her blog.  Check it out!

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  1. I am Bonnie's Number one fan! She ROCKS and I love seeing her designs out in blog world!!!


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