Sunday, May 12, 2013

Google -- Chosen Site of the Day

Google is my chosen site of the day.   It is a search engine and I am convinced that you can find ANYTHING on the Internet using it.

If you are looking for a certain quilt pattern, open up Google and type it in the search bar then click on "IMAGES" on the tool bar.  Pictures of anything that has the matching words will show.  You can click on the link and go to the selected website.  It's  easier because you will see the pictures and you can find the one that you want.  Try an image search on poodles or knitting or anything that interests you.

Google has a good maps program and comes in handy when I am out of town trying to find the local quilt shops.  Click on "MAPS" on the tool bar.  You can see a map or get directions if you have the address.  It will give you turn by turn directions.

I use the You Tube link on the tool bar too.  You can find many quilting, sewing, and crafting videos and spend HOURS watching them.

It is alway fun to see what the Google header is for the day.  The one for Mother's Day today is interactive and entertaining!

Check it out.  

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