Saturday, February 16, 2013

Met Jean Wells from Sisters, Oregon

Forsyth Piecers and Quilters Guild  had Jean Wells as a presenter this month.  I had planned to attend the meeting and skip the workshop.  But the more I looked at her website, the more I thought that I could not miss the opportunity to take a workshop from her.  So I worked on Sunday and took Tuesday off.  I am glad that I did! 

Art quilts are probably nothing that I will do but the theory is interesting and it forces me out of my comfort zone.  Jean had several quilts that I really liked but THIS one SPOKE to me. 

It was based on the stone cliffs in Jean's area.  Her use of color and fabrics makes for a striking quilt. 

After attending her workshop and looking at her books, I am definately looking at my environment in a different way.  When I got to work on Wednesday, I had a wallpaper pop up that was red and white tulips with a yellow tulip dead in the center of the picture.  I looked at the different tones of red, white, cream, yellow and green and imagined what a quilt would look like in those colors. 

Even though I may never make a quilt like that, just thinking about it was not something that I would have done BEFORE her workshop.  Thanks, Jean, for giving me the inspiration to look at things around me in a different light!

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