Friday, February 22, 2013

Sideways Motion Stitches on Bernina 830

One of the most fun things about the Bernina 830 is the sideways motion stitches.  I used them on this border. You can make the stitching sequence wider and longer on some of the stitches.  This one was perfect for this 3 inch border. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Great weather last Friday at Ponzer Palace in RiversideCampground, Belhaven, NC. Took Lambchop out for a walk in the 60 degree spring-like weather.  Worked on several quilts and quilt blocks.  Also wrote and scheduled updates to my blog for the next several days.  I love reading others blogs and spend more time reading rather than writing my own!  The things that other people do are SEW much more interesting than what I am doing!
Here is my sunset.  I got outside too late and just about missed it.
 AND I am listening to the news cast about SNOW for this area starting Sat afternoon and continuing into the night! What can I say?  Welcome to North Carolina – Spring to Winter in 24 hours!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

My neice and nephew down the hill.......

My neice and her husband live "down the hill" from us.  My husband has had knee replacement two times on the same knee during the past 3 years.  They have fed his hunting dogs, cleaned the dog lots, mowed the yard and have generally been a great help to us.  I also use their swimming pool in the summer like it's mine.  And they keep my poodle - Lambchop - when we go out of town and can't take her with us.  I decided to make quilts for them and finally got all of them finished. 

This is the one that I gave to my neice and her husband along with 2 pillow cases.

This is the one plus a pillow case that I gave to their daughter.  She has made jewelry for me and helped me in lots of other ways.  She is particularly fond of Lambchop and the feeling is reciprocal. 

This is the one that I gave to their son.  He has mowed and weed-eated and picked up dog poo and done lots of things to help my husband.  He is also an Eagle Boy Scout so it is a Scout-based quilt.

It was a great feeling to get all of these done and given to them.  Particularly when my Bernina 830 was gone to visit Chicago for 10 weeks!  (due to a stitching problem.) 

Many thanks and much love to the family that live "down the hill" from us. 


Saturday, February 16, 2013

Met Jean Wells from Sisters, Oregon

Forsyth Piecers and Quilters Guild  had Jean Wells as a presenter this month.  I had planned to attend the meeting and skip the workshop.  But the more I looked at her website, the more I thought that I could not miss the opportunity to take a workshop from her.  So I worked on Sunday and took Tuesday off.  I am glad that I did! 

Art quilts are probably nothing that I will do but the theory is interesting and it forces me out of my comfort zone.  Jean had several quilts that I really liked but THIS one SPOKE to me. 

It was based on the stone cliffs in Jean's area.  Her use of color and fabrics makes for a striking quilt. 

After attending her workshop and looking at her books, I am definately looking at my environment in a different way.  When I got to work on Wednesday, I had a wallpaper pop up that was red and white tulips with a yellow tulip dead in the center of the picture.  I looked at the different tones of red, white, cream, yellow and green and imagined what a quilt would look like in those colors. 

Even though I may never make a quilt like that, just thinking about it was not something that I would have done BEFORE her workshop.  Thanks, Jean, for giving me the inspiration to look at things around me in a different light!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Eleanor Burns' Braid in A Day

I bought the Braid in a Day pattern several months ago and have just left it in a pile.  Sewingly Yours is having a class right now taught by one of my favorite teachers - Ellen. Due to another commitment, I missed  the first class last Monday.  I am catching up and here are my braids. 
I was surprised with how quickly it went together.  In about 2 hours, I cut the units and sewed them together making 3 braids for a lap size quilt.  I took 14 jelly roll strips.  In Monday's class, we will do the strip framing and add the borders.  This pattern is definately a keeper.  It's fast and looks more complicated than it is.  There is very little waste with the braids.  What a delight!