Thursday, December 6, 2012

Easy Street is S L O W this week

Part two of Easy Street is very S L O W this week.  I have had to work late almost every night. if you want to follow along, go HERE!

 Here is what I have totally finished:

I am using Jodi Barrows Square in a Square ruler.  The squares are cut from the purple and the strips from the black on white.

Then you sew the squares to the strips.

Here are both strips sewn to the squares.

I iron next with the seams away from the squares. Then each square is cut apart.

The directions say to cut short strips and sew to the remaining 2 sides.  I just sew the squares to the long strips and cut it apart later.  You have to move the 1st two strips out of the way and sew the purple squares close together.


Here are the blocks cut apart.  They need to be pressed with the seams going away from the square.  Then you use the square-in-a-square ruler and make the flying geese.  No bias sewing.  Great way to make flying geese.  Travel EASY! 


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