Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bernina Quilt Frame

Here are pictures of my 1st quilt on my Bernina Quilting Frame. 
I put the top and the backing on the wrong rollers the first time and had to redo it.  There is an excellent You Tube video Part 1 here:   Bernina Quilt Frame Video   
and Part 2 is here:Bernina Quilt Frame #2
I watched these videos about 10 times and STILL loaded the top on the wrong bar. My Bernina 830 was having problems stitching so the quilt did not quilt well.  The 830 is in the shop now for adjustments. When I get it back, I plan to put another quilt on the frame and try again. 
There is not a lot of other information about the quilt frame.  Here are some of my suggestions and thoughts. 
1. I would suggest setting it up for the largest size.  Switching back and forth between the sizes would not be an option. 

2. It does take up a lot of room and has taken over my daughter's room.  She lives in Ohio and comes home rarely.  I have to clean and straighten up when she comes home so she can get to her bed.   (you can see her very cluttered bed in the second picture.)
3.  It is very sturdy and heavy so it won't be taken down and put back up easily.  Plan on leaving it in the room that you set it up in. 
4.  You could use other sewing machines with it.  It has a flat tray that most machines would sit on. 
When I get my Bernina back, I will try it again.  I have 2 quilts waiting on it.  Hope I get it back soon. 


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