Monday, September 17, 2012

Sticky rollers for sewing

These are the sticky rollers that you can find almost anywhere.  Walmart or Kmart carry them. I try to find the cheapest ones because once the sticky is gone, you might as well throw it away. 

Here is what I do with them:

I roll the ironing board after I press anything.

I roll myself after a quilting or sewing session  to get the strings off of my shirt and pants. I don’t want to track it all over the house.  

I roll myself and everything in my sewing box, etc when I visit my daughter in Dayton, Ohio.  -  I like to sew when we go to visit her.  She generally has multiple projects on her list like quilts to use as gifts, or new curtains or a new wall hanging.  She is a veterinarian and ALWAYS has cat hair and dog hair from work.  She also has 2 large Huskies who shed A LOT.  I find dog hair in everything when I get home.  If I didn’t have these sticky rollers, I would never be able to get rid of it. 

I roll my quilt at many different times in the process.

                When piecing and assembling rows and or columns – I try to clip threads as I go.  That way I don’t have thousands to clip when finished.

                When adding borders – again, I clip threads as I go.

                When quilting – my Bernina 830 will tie and clip the threads as I quilt or embroider each section BUT it leaves a tail of about an inch.  If I clip as I go, I don’t have lots to clip later.

                When adding binding  - I continue to clip when I see any threads.

                                When finished with quilt and after washing to get any  remaining strings – I run the roller over the final quilt on both sides before I give it to the giftee. 

                Please leave comments if you do other quilty/sewy things to do with the sticky rollers. 


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  1. I use mine exactly the way you use yours. My sewing room floor is carpeted so I roll my floor when I am finished each day. So much easier and quicker than vacuuming.


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