Monday, September 17, 2012

Sticky rollers for sewing

These are the sticky rollers that you can find almost anywhere.  Walmart or Kmart carry them. I try to find the cheapest ones because once the sticky is gone, you might as well throw it away. 

Here is what I do with them:

I roll the ironing board after I press anything.

I roll myself after a quilting or sewing session  to get the strings off of my shirt and pants. I don’t want to track it all over the house.  

I roll myself and everything in my sewing box, etc when I visit my daughter in Dayton, Ohio.  -  I like to sew when we go to visit her.  She generally has multiple projects on her list like quilts to use as gifts, or new curtains or a new wall hanging.  She is a veterinarian and ALWAYS has cat hair and dog hair from work.  She also has 2 large Huskies who shed A LOT.  I find dog hair in everything when I get home.  If I didn’t have these sticky rollers, I would never be able to get rid of it. 

I roll my quilt at many different times in the process.

                When piecing and assembling rows and or columns – I try to clip threads as I go.  That way I don’t have thousands to clip when finished.

                When adding borders – again, I clip threads as I go.

                When quilting – my Bernina 830 will tie and clip the threads as I quilt or embroider each section BUT it leaves a tail of about an inch.  If I clip as I go, I don’t have lots to clip later.

                When adding binding  - I continue to clip when I see any threads.

                                When finished with quilt and after washing to get any  remaining strings – I run the roller over the final quilt on both sides before I give it to the giftee. 

                Please leave comments if you do other quilty/sewy things to do with the sticky rollers. 


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Favorite Tools That I Wear While I Sew

These are the items that I wear around my neck when I sew or iron.  I use both to clip threads.  The top one is great when I need a seam ripper.  It is on a wheeled clip and can be pulled out to cut threads.  The bottom one has to be pulled out of the cover so it is not as handy but I can lay it on the table and grab it when I need it. 


Saturday, September 15, 2012

Recycle with a coffee creamer container

Here is an idea that I got from somewhere else.  I don’t remember where or I would provide a link. 

It is very handy to use an old Coffeemate bottle to fill up the iron.  The containers that come with the irons are small and I have to make 2 trips to the sink to fill up the iron.  With the container, I fill it up and then can fill up the iron about 4 times before I need to fill up the Coffeemate bottle.  Also, it has a narrow pointed spout so it is easy to pour into any iron. 

With this container, I can recycle and provide a faster, quicker way to fill up my iron.  And, yes, I am in the camp of using STEAM to press my blocks. 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Modern Quilt Guild

My entry to the Modern Quilt Guild was featured on the blog today. Google "modern quilt guild" to see it! Exciting stuff!