Sunday, July 15, 2012

Bernina Binder Attachment #88 - The UGLY, The REALLY, REALLY UGLY

This is part 3 of my first experience in using the Bernina Binder Attachment #88.  I have covered the GOOD and the BAD.  I have saved the best for last --


1.       Oh, those CORNERS!  I thought that I could make them look like the normal mitered corner.  I had not seen this TUTORIAL yet but I DID have the right idea.  Just making it happen was easier said than done.

The biggest problem is it has to be taken OUT of the binder, the binding folded nicely on BOTH sides of the corner with the raw edges of binding folded under and finally pinned to keep it that way. Then you have to get the binding pulled back INTO the binder, get the folded corner with the pin under the foot and then remove the pin or not run over the pin AND catch BOTH sides of the mitered corner with pretty stitching. Not something that I could do! 

                My corners ended up being pretty ugly.  I cut the binding, folded it over and started again at each corner.  Not pretty but this was not to be a competition quilt nor was it going to anyone that was familiar with any kind of quilting rules. 

Below are pictures that tell the most frustrating story of my corners.

What a mess this was.  I had TOTALLY missed covering the zig zag stitching and had issues with getting the binding pulled back into the binder.  It has to fold at the top and the bottom of the binder AND not get twisted.

The next three quilts I did, I rounded the corners.  It worked beautifully BUT I STILL have to learn how to miter REAL corners.
2.      Both the binding and the quilt have to be fed through the machine and binder at an even speed and tension.  You have to make sure that you don’t stretch anything or you get wiggly edges.  They pressed out (mostly) and this was the only quilt that this happened on.  Not sure whether it had anything to do with the zig zag stitch or not. 

And that ends my first experience with the Bernina Binder Attachment #88.  I hope you can learn from my mistakes.  I have been successful binding the last three quilts that I have completed.  I used a strip of 1 1/2 " binding heavily starched  and rounded the corners on the quilts.  I did not zig zag the edges first. Like most things in life, it takes practice and trial and error to learn how to master new gadgets!

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  1. Thank you for posting your experience with the Bernina Binder Attachment #88. I recently got the 830 and this attachment and we needing instructions. This was very helpful! I need to work on my mitred corners now too.


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